What Is The Loungers Club?

Are you wondering what the Loungers Club is? We’re the all-new lifestyle brand that was created out of necessity to represent what we do when we’re not at work: lounge!

The Loungers Club branding 

The Loungers Club branding has been meticulously planned to represent who we are. We strategically chose the lounge chair in our logo design as it represents everything we want our Club to be and is a problem-solving solution we can all embrace. When a person is laying in a lounge chair, their mindset is  naturally compelled to be one of happiness, joy, and stress-free thinking.

That means the lounge chair logo represents a positive, life-enhancing design that’s entire purpose is to provide a positive benefit to wearers, helping them to de-stress, no matter whether at home, vacationing, or spending time with friends. The vivid and instantly recognizable logo will also allow our members to seek each other out, creating a true community of positivity.

What are the benefits of The Loungers Club?

Research has shown that stress is on the rise, which can have a big impact on our health. That’s why our carefully curated Club is here to help you de-stress and enhance your life. Our problem-solving logo supports you feeling happier and less stressed, which can have a big impact on your entire life, including:

  • Productivity 
  • When you’re feeling more content in life, you’re far more productive at work.

  • Stronger relationships 
  • People like being around happy people, so it’s no wonder when you’re feeling positive, you enjoy stronger relationships.

  • More active 
  • Being happy also makes you more motivated, which means you’re far more likely to engage in physical activity.

  • Stronger immune system 
  • Research has shown that happier people have a stronger immune system, making them less likely to become sick and ensuring faster wound healing.

  • Live longer 
  • Yep, studies have shown that happy people live up to 14% longer than those who are unhappy!

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    Whether vacationing, relaxing after work, or hanging out with friends… start de-stressing and join the Lounger Club today by checking out our entire collection here.

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