The Lounger's Club was invented from a goal I had in life to create something to enhance and better people's life. The Lounger's Club was designed to solve a problem that the logo creator saw as the brand industry's failure in the developing of a brand or logo that can adequately represent what hard working people do on their time off, we Lounge. 

The Loungers Club unique lounge chair design with the letters incorporated and resting on top of the lounge chair is representative of the feeling the logo was designed to create when wearing the Loungers club brand.  The carefree happy feeling a person's mind feels when laying in a lounge chair is what the Loungers Club brand was designed to do, to help people stress less.

 So, I can honestly and truly say the Loungers Club logo creation has accomplished what I planned and set out to do, to create something to better people's life and because it reduces stress its life enhancing too. 



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