The Loungers club is a new LIFESTYLE brand ,there is no physical location where members meet , the Loungers club is where ever you make it ,are  you there yet ?   

After looking for a logo that represents what we as All people do (lounge)rest best , there wasn't 1 . So I sat down and put pen to paper working hard developing the word lounge into what is now the lounge chair logo Loungers club. Feeling a desire and a need not  just to create a great logo that represents  us , but  also to unite its members the word club was incorporated to achieve that purpose and so now we have it  the LOUNGERS CLUB chair logo the Loungers Club


 The  Loungers club brand and logo was designed to unite its members as one ,were one club ,and encourages members to embrace and engage  other members and treating all  as 1. Like  the RAIDERS of Nations when it comes to lounging there's only 1, are you there yet?

The Loungers club is  spiritually based and life enhancing  How ? Its inspiration comes from  the first member and founder , on the 7th day God rested (lounged) .

(see code of conduct facebook/loungersclub)

 Continuing to work at creating  a mascot that  represents the Loungers Club , the Loungers club has created a Mascot too ,the King Lounger .Seeing him says it all, the Lion with his big smile, the crown on his head, and the pillow behind his back ,it doesn't get better than that , Hes the KING when it comes to lounging he's the 1  

Now the work of inventing a Brand  that represents what we  people  do  best  ,our hard work is done , Im  going to the loungers club hope to see you there,are you there yet?