the LOUNGERS CLUB is a new lifestyle logo,  The Brand was created to represent what we as humans do when we don't want to do what we do (work).The Loungers Club is your HOLIDAY ,VACATION, WEEKEND, AFTER WORK SHIRT.

It's unequally  designed Lounge chair logo  has meaning and purpose , you know the feeling you get when your lounging in a lounge chair ? the words resting on top of the Lounge Chair are strategically placed there as a representation of the feeling the Brand creates when your in the Loungers Club , so we can truly say  the Loungers Club is  a  Life Enhancing Logo .    Life is better here .

The Loungers Club  mascot  the KING LOUNGER is the perfect representative for those of us who like to lounge a little better  then the rest , the King Loungers smile and crown says it all , when it comes to Lounging ,the KING LOUNGER  isint  just at the top of the class , he Teaches you how to  do it . 


                              THE BEST THING IN LIFE IS WORKING HARD 

                                                SO YOU CAN ENJOY IT